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The 7 most beautiful beaches in Italy to know if you intend to visit Italy

 Italy tourism is characterized by being very close to the customs of the eastern peoples, everyone who talks about the closest Western peoples in social relations to our Arab region, the first country to mention is Italy, where they like to get to know people, and families are still cohesive in many Italian places, today we will introduce you to the seven most beautiful beaches in Italy, which has a sea coast extending over 7600 km, where Italy's location on the Mediterranean Sea is an advantage that increases the beauty of its tourist places, what distinguishes the sea areas The average is that tourism in it takes a person out of depression, frustration, or psychological pressure, due to the nature of its sunshine in most cases, and now here are the seven most beautiful beaches in Italy.

The 7 most beautiful beaches in Italy to know if you intend to visit Italy

1- Reina Bianca Beach:

Near the city of Santa, it is one of the most beautiful beaches with its aquamarine waters that touch its gray sand, not far from the city center, where it can be reached on foot, these bright colors come due to the reflection of the colors of small coral groups. Very similar to the Caribbean.

The captivating and charming thing in this area is the granite stones stretched in the form of a trail along the coast.

2- Sabudia Beach:

It is located in the Italian region of Lazio, characterized by the softness of its sand, surrounded by sand dunes, for those who love swimming tourism on the beaches, this beach is very suitable for him to clean the sea water in this region.

Its problem lies in the summer month due to the huge congestion in the number of cars, you may find it a problem to secure parking for your car in the summer due to the density of visitors who come to this area.

3- Tropea Beach:

Characterized by its turquoise waters that fascinate the eye, this beach is one of the few beaches in the world with a long stretch of white sand, overlooking the island of Lampedusa, which is located in the far south of Italy.
Only accessible by boat, or on foot

4- Fosola Beach:

Located in the southeast of Ryumaggiore, flanked by steep hills, it is a small pebble beach. It has the difficulty and danger of sea currents that swimmers must be wary of.

5- Kala Goloritz:

It is one of the most exciting beaches in Serdinia, characterized by its pebbles and white sand, it allows access to the beach for about 300 people per day, and according to Wikipedia, the price of the card per person is 6 euros based on the trips of 2019.
Surrounded by limestone hills, 148 meters high, the small beach leads to heavy congestion in the summer.

6- Sansun Beach:

It is located in the province of Provença di Livorno, in the western part of Italy, 210 km northwest of Rome, characterized by its crystal turquoise waters, pebbles and white sand, for diving enthusiasts it is one of the most beautiful beaches of Elba.

7- Boyoto Beach:

The most famous beach in the Caleria area of Serdinia, is very popular in Italy, attracts many tourists, especially between June and September, and is an ideal place for water sports practiced in its waters. Many people go to it to get rid of the pressure and congestion of the city.

The cost of beach access is 8 euros, the cost of renting a sun umbrella is 15 euros, and the cost of renting a bed is 15 euros.

People love to come to this beach in summer and winter, in the summer they come to swim, play water sports, and in winter they enjoy walking on the beach, or enjoying a cup of coffee in one of the cafes on this beach. The bathrooms are so many that you find them scattered along the beach