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The most beautiful lakes in Switzerland 2023

 The truly beautiful country of Switzerland has a landscape full of stunning mountains and a range of magnificent lakes. We have selected for you some of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland that every traveler should make an effort to see.

The most beautiful lakes in Switzerland 2023

Lake Constance is the most beautiful lake in Switzerland

Lake Constance shares its borders with Switzerland, Austria and Germany, and is famous for fun and recreation in summer.

It is the third largest lake in Central Europe, with an area of 536 square kilometers.

A popular tourist destination where boating, hiking and many water sports opportunities are available.

Located in the northern hills of the Alps along the Rhine, they are actually three bodies of water connected to the river.

Lake Constance boasts a coastline of 273 kilometers, 72 kilometers of which are located in Switzerland.

It is a magical place, with countless walking and cycling trails, particularly along the 260-kilometer ring road in Lake Constance.

About 70 million people visit the lake each year to enjoy the surrounding natural flora and fauna.

Blue Lake or Blausee

The picturesque lake is located in a green forest in the middle of the Plausie Natural Park.

One of Switzerland's most beautiful lakes, Blue Lagoon has been a popular destination for centuries and still retains a sense of peace and solitude.

Fishing, hiking, and hiking are the top favorite activities of visitors there.

Located in the valley of the Kander River, Blue Lake or Blausee is a large and charming little lake.

Fed by underground springs, the lake is named after its deep blue waters.

Legend has it that the lake got its color from a blue-eyed virgin who died of a broken heart.

If you simply want to relax, the lakeside hotel features a full-service spa.

Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich is one of Switzerland's most beautiful and accessible lakes.

Adventures on the water begin with a boat trip that takes you to Zurich's architectural wonders in the countryside. To fairytale villages on the shores of the lake.

Being right in the capital makes it easy to visit Lake Zurich, which is essential for anyone visiting Switzerland.

The lake is 88.66 km² shared by three cantons, although most are located within Zurich.

However, there are picturesque towns and villages in all three cantons surrounding the lake, including the medieval town of Rapperswil and the village of Au.

The north coast of the lake between Zolikon and Feldmilen is famous for its magnificent houses, villas, and sunny beaches. There are also plenty of places around the lakeshore that offer swimming.

Lake Brienz

Located on the eastern side of Interlaken, the lake offers a wonderful tourist beach where you can enjoy swimming and relaxing under the sun.

Lake Thun

Located on the western side of Interlaken, Lake Thun is a long, narrow lake surrounded by mountains. The best way to explore the lake is to take the cruise boats that operate all year round.

Lake Lugano

Located near the border with Italy, the Lugano Glacial Lake is a beautiful stretch of water named after the charming city of Lugano, in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland.

Lake Lucerne

The fourth largest lake in Switzerland and is one of the most popular travel destinations in Switzerland. Many hotels and resorts dot the beaches.

Lake Geneva

One of the largest lakes in Europe, it is an enormous water space that dominates the city of Geneva itself.It has a huge fountain that is one of the main symbols of the city, which is at an altitude of 140 meters. The lake itself has indescribable beauty during the summer, as many water sports can be practiced, including kayaking, swimming, diving and sailing.